Tuesday, September 24, 2013


These next few days may be a bit crazy for blogging, but I really need to catch up. 

I got back from Argentina on July 26, and on August 1 we began a month long journey back west to visit our family and see some of the sites throughout the USA. Our first stop on our trip was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Neither of us had ever been to Philadelphia, and we actually didn't know much about it's history. We asked my cousin-in-law, Andre, who served his mission in Philly, what we should do while we were there. And we basically followed all his suggestions. 

One thing about our trip you should know is that it literally rained every single day we were in the car, in every single state. Seriously. So as we drove to Philadelphia, it was pouring down rain. I was pretty sure our time there was going to be miserable. But another thing about our trip was that every day we were out and doing things, the rain let up and we were able to explore in a semi-dry environment. Such the luck.

So we actually stayed in New Jersey, right across the river, and we rode the train in. We knew that we had to see the historic sites, like the Liberty Bell, Penn's Landing, and Independence Hall. But Andre also suggested two philly cheesesteak restaurants, and we decided to do a taste test. The two cheesesteak restaurants were Pat's King of Steaks (which claims to be the original) and Geno's Steaks. These two cheesesteak places are literally across the street from one another, so it was easy to hit them both up. We tried both of them, comparing their meat, bread, overall quality, and we came up with a sure victor.

And the winner is... Geno's Steaks!

The rest of the things we did were pretty historical, and we loved that Philadelphia keeps the history alive through outdoor museums (mainly about slavery and the presidents), and free tours of the historical buildings. We got to see how the Declaration of Independence was created (on a printing press) and we also were able to see Independence Hall on the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration (August 2). 

Us with the Liberty Bell. 
The Signer statue.
Independence Hall in the background on the left and the bridge to New Jersey on the right.

Inside Independence Hall, in the room where they signed the Declaration.

We could have actually spent quite a bit more time in Philadelphia. We didn't realize how accessable all the historical sites would be, nor did we plan enough time to see everything it had to offer. If we are in the area again, we will most definitely be stopping by.

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