Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Asheville, North Carolina

We love visiting friends and family as we are traveling around, so on this particular road trip, we made extra effort to stop in and say hi to people we knew along the way. Of course, we didn’t manage to see everyone we know, but we did plan out a few of our stops based off of who we wanted to visit. Our second two stops were no different. We stopped in Washington, DC to visit my cousin Erin and her family. We did not take any pictures while we were there though. Such a shame. But we did take a few pictures when we made our next stop in Asheville, North Carolina to visit Lacy & Jay Gonzalez.

Lacy and Jay live in western North Carolina, which is by far one of the most beautiful places we have visited in the United States. The rolling hills full of trees are gorgeous. And having two wonderful friends in the area adds to its beauty.

 While we were visiting we did all sorts of South Carolina things. We had some great southern barbeque, went on a mini-hike in the hills, took a walking tour of downtown Asheville (which if you haven’t visited before, plan a trip there, it’s great!), and hung out a ton with Lacy and Jay.

We also got to visit the Biltmore Estates, one of the (or maybe THE) biggest mansions in the US. It is gorgeous! I went a few years ago with Lacy & Jay, but Caitlin had never been, but luckily Chantelle (one of L&J’s friends) was able to give us free tickets to go. What an incredible estate! We spent a good part of a day there touring around. The house is gorgeous as are the grounds. So grateful we were able to spend the day there. We also went to a “wine tasting” while we were there, but only sampled the three types of grape juice they have. We ended up buying two bottles of their white grape juice, which was soo good!
The Biltmore Mansion

Here are just a couple of pictures of us exploring the grounds. You can't take pictures inside the mansion, but watch Richie Rich, this mansion is his house in the movie. 

Lacy and Jay were great hosts too. They introduced us to some great restaurants and sweet areas of Asheville. Both Caitlin and I would love to make a trip back there soon. If only it were a little bit closer to Chiapas. 

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