Friday, July 12, 2013

The Cliff Walk

While my dad was in town we also went to Newport, Rhode Island to walk along their famous Cliff Walk. It is an amazing 2-3 mile walk along the coast with huge mansions along the way. It was a gorgeous day and I loved being close to the beach again and enjoy the sun! Although this trip did not go without a little adventure. Most of the Cliff Walk was closed off due to "hazardous areas" (we think there was some damage done during Hurricane Sandy and that's why it was closed off), but that did not stop us. We found an older couple near the "closed" sign who said we could still get in and we would be able to handle it. There were definitely some rocky points to our walk...or should I say hike, but it was so worth it! A day well spent!

Here are some of our pictures:
The nice part of the walk (that was still open to the public)
This walk had the most amazing view!
My dad and one of the mansions
This was my favorite mansion!

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