Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poets Seat Tower

Most people don't know about this cool little place in the town of Greenfield, MA but my amazing husband found out about it somehow so we decided to head up there one day after church. It is called Poets Seat Tower. It is a 1912 sandstone observation tower which was named to honor a long tradition of poets who would come up here to think and write their poems. The tower was so cool and had an amazing view of Greenfield. It was also very peaceful up there so I can understand why poets would come here. 

Us at the top of the tower
Over looking the town

Climbing up to the top!

The second level in the tower, Devin showing off his cool moves!

Sitting on one of the benches 

What a great Sunday afternoon activity! We really enjoyed this little spot that is tucked away.

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