Saturday, July 6, 2013

Memorial Day

This year for Memorial day it was our Stake Temple trip. The Elders got permission to go so we gave them a ride and decided afterwords we would take them around Boston since it was their p-day. The temple was amazing that morning and the afternoon was great too as it was filled with adventure!

We started out in Chinatown. Since the Elders had never tried  real Chinese food we thought what better place to try it than in Boston , MA in Chinatown! Well, maybe China would have been better but nonetheless we took them to a authentic Chinese restaurant for lunch. And yes we made them only use the chopsticks to eat there food! We got an array of food for them to try and I think they only liked 1 out of the 5 dishes we got, but it was still worth the trip there just to see their faces as they ate some of the food and now they can say they have had real Chinese food! I would have to agree with the Elders though, I'm not a fan of real Chinese food, I can do Panda Express though!

Our next stop was the Commons since we wanted to take them around the Freedom Trail. When we got there we found they had planted thousands of American Flags into the ground representing the thousands of people who had died in war since the Civil War. It amazed me too see all those flags and pay tribute to those who had died for our country. What a great thing to see on Memorial day!

From the Commons we took the Elders around Boston using the Freedom Trail to show them all the historical places. It was a very patriotic day and fun to see all the American Flags they had around and experience the history of this country. Here is a picture of me with a huge American Flag!  You can't see it very well but it was amazing! On the left is a picture of Devin with a Donkey, I forget why we took this picture but I thought I would include in here :)

Just a picture of us at the Harbor in Boston! 
The elder's falling asleep on the train, I think we
wore them out walking around  Boston

Before we headed home we decided to make one more stop by visiting Plymouth Rock which is only 30 minutes south of Boston. We didn't spend too much time here but we got to see the most important thing...the rock! And we happened to find time to explore their little gift shops and try on a few pilgrim hats, very stylish!
Plymouth Rock 1620
Trying on the Pilgrim bonnet 
Don't we look so  good, we totally could have pulled off being pilgrims. 

Devin and the Elders standing above Plymouth Rock
Just us in front of the ocean
Devin looking through the binoculars and having the time of his life!
Us with the Plymouth Rock Monument in the background
Hanging on to an Indian!
All in all it was a great Memorial day!

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