Saturday, July 6, 2013

Canoeing on the Connecticut River

With Devin being gone to Argentina now, I feel it is my responsibility to continue on with our blog. Before he left we had done so many things to experience in full the Vermont life style that we never ended up posting, so here it goes:

The title kind of says it we are canoeing on the Connecticut River. It was such the perfect day and so much fun! We went with a couple of our friends and had a blast.

Devin and I paddled all the way to the New Hampshire bridge and saw some interesting things along the way: a car that runs on land and water, homeless men's huts, and plenty of wildlife! We may have also got in a few water fights along the way :)

On  our way to the bridge 

After we had made it back

Devin looking so professional at canoeing

A dragon!!!!

Our friends, Nicole and her cousin

The bridge! It was a long trek to get here but I'm still smiling!

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  1. so fun! looks like you guys are having a great time out there!