Sunday, March 24, 2013

We Made A Baby!

Caitlin and I decided that it was about time to start our family tonight. But since we are not actually ready for REAL kids, we decided we should try virtual kids first. Here is a little preview of what our kids might look like. In this scenario, we have two boys and three girls. We made quite a few more, but we decided only to show the cutest ones with you. 

Here are the two boys. 

Here are the three girls.

Not a bad looking family. This website was actually a lot of fun. It is interesting to see what features the computer chooses for each child and how our faces blend together. And since it was so much fun, we decided we should see how our kids would look if we had married someone different...

This is Caitlin and Matt Damon (her favorite).

Caitlin and President Obama.

Me and Ashley Olsen.

Me and Marilyn Monroe.

Caitlin and Harry Potter.

Me and Britney Spears. 

Even though some of these kids turned out alright, I think I'll stick with Caitlin. I'm pretty sure we'd make the cutest babies ever... someday. :)

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