Sunday, March 31, 2013

Policy & Advocacy

My campus offers amazing field courses in January and February. A handful of students visited Turkey, another group went to Barbados, and another went to Liberia. Some of us couldn't afford bouncing around the globe, so instead we spent a week in Washington DC studying Policy and Advocacy, using the lens of Human Trafficking. Here are some of our activities for the week: 

Using bodies to figur out President Obamas speech where he called human trafficking "modern-day slavery". 

Playing around in senate offices. Don't worry - we didn't make too much of a mess.

Exploring the National Cathedral. It's HUGE!

Enjoying delicious Ethiopian food with the Dean of our DC campus. She was actually one of my favorite parts of our trip. She was so helpful and nice. Brattleboro has a lot to learn from her. 

And of course I spent plenty of time with my cousins Janice & John and their three kids. I even babysat on Valentine's Day so John and Janice could go out. They were another one of the best parts about visiting DC. 

And that was my trip! Basically I didn't take any pictures, and most of my time was spent in class/meetings anyway. But I did enjoy spending time in DC. Next time Caitlin will have to come - that would make any trip go from good to great!

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