Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Enjoying Superstorm Nemo

Living in the northeast, we have experienced quite a few sets of extreme weather. Everything from a hurricane to a superstorm. Seriously, what is going on? Both Caitlin and I are summer people, and we prefer warm weather year round. 

But Superstorm Nemo dropped this on us: 

Seriously, so much snow. It took us a few hours to dig our car out.

Luckily the roads were clear, otherwise we could have never left our house. But even though the roads were clear, we spent most of the day inside. Caitlin was making earrings and I was writing a paper. Not the most exciting way to spend a superstorm. :)

And guess what! The snow is still here! And we are supposed to get more snow this week. Why is it snowing in March!?! The weather should be turning to spring. I'm feeling the need to get away to someplace warm for spring break. Anyone want to sponsor a warm vacation?

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