Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Sacred Day

Easter is an extremely sacred day for Christians, and it is a day that I am overwhelmingly thankful for every year. This is a day that we are able to focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. My understanding and testimony of Christ has transformed my life. It has given me a purpose and has helped shape me into the person I am today, and continues to mold me into the person I hope to become. 

I wont go into details about the life and atonement of Christ, you can read all about that here. But I do want to talk about why Easter is so special to me. Growing up I never felt like Easter was an important holiday. We would get candy and small toys, but it was never as important as Christmas, Halloween, or the 4th of July. Those seemed like bigger holidays, ones that you celebrate for a few weeks, or even a month. But Easter always just passed by without a second thought. When I started to learn about the miracle of the atonement, I began to understand that Christ suffered and died for me, but he was also resurrected for me. Because he performed that miracle, I have the chance to live again. What an amazingly profound miracle. I wish I expressed my gratitude more fully on a daily basis, but I'm far from perfect. Luckily I have the atonement.

Here is a quick video. It is short, but powerful. Enjoy.

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