Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 3, 2013

February 3rd is one of the happiest days ever. It is the day that Caitlin and I were married, and we've been enjoying each other ever since. Although, I'm pretty sure I enjoy Caitlin more than she enjoys me since I can be slightly annoying at times. :) 

For our anniversary, Caitlin was in charge. I don't think she really chose to be in charge, but I had just started classes again and I had class ALL day Saturday, so out of love she decided to plan the weekend. Our anniversary landed on a Sunday, so we decided to celebrate all weekend. 

Caitlin got tickets for one of Brattleboro's hottest events, an a cappella concert at Latchis theater. It was such a great show! We had pretty good seats (we were sure to get there early) and enjoyed every minute of the a cappella singers. Afterward all we (I) wanted to do was sing as we walked down the street and drove home. 

Latchis theater in Brattleboro.
Caitlin had even prepared a special treat for us when we got home. She had made (from scratch) a delicious (seriously the best) carrot cake, with homemade frosting. I was blown away!

But since it was late we decided to save it for Sunday - which was perfect since we had already eaten our carrot cake anniversary cake 6 months earlier. Isn't she the best? What a great year we have had together. Sometimes it seems like it has gone by super fast - and it should've been a year forever ago. And other times I still can't believe we're married. Weird how time does that to you. 
And we are still in love and happy as ever. Seriously, I don't think I could've been any luckier than I am today.

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