Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday!

My beautiful wife turned 24 on Monday, and I'm pretty sure 24 is going to be her best year yet. 

Caitlin's birthday is on the 21st of January, and when it falls on a Monday, it is MLK Jr. Day - and schools are closed so it becomes a holiday. Unfortunately for us, Vermont does not believe in this particular holiday, after all, the state is 98% white...literally, I just googled it. So we were stuck going to work and school. :( But... Caitlin had a great surprise waiting for her at work. Her coworkers decorated her desk with balloons and streamers so everyone knew it was her birthday. And just in case it wasn't clear enough, they made her wear a pin that says "Birthday Girl" all day long.

After work, we had a relaxing evening by swimming laps at the pool, going out to dinner (where I made Caitlin wear her pin), and watching the Biggest Loser. May not sound like a super adventurous evening, but I felt like it was perfect. Just one-on-one time with my favorite birthday girl.

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