Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Red & Green

We tried to do a lot of fun things this Christmas season, but since it was also a season of finals for me... we weren't able to accomplish all the things we wanted to. But even though we didn't do everything on our Christmas list, we did do quite a few things - so here are a few pictures of some of the fun things we did. 

We baked sugar cookies and frosted them with red and green frosting. We were going to deliver some of them to friends/neighbors, but we never got that far. We did, however, eat so many of them that we gained 15 pounds and felt sick for hours and hours. 

We decided to use a copycat recipe for those really good sugar cookies with the sprinkles at every single grocery store. The recipe was perfect, which made these babies even more irresistible.

We also had a "red & green" dinner, where we only ate red and green things. We had fajitas with red and green peppers, red meat (some steak strips), red onion, all wrapped in a green spinach tortilla. We had green guacamole, red and green M&M's and strawberry milk as a beverage. 

It was actually a pretty good meal, although we probably will skip out on the M&M's and strawberry milk next time.

Lastly, we built a fireplace in our living room. It gets pretty cold in our house, so we figured building a fireplace would help keep us warm. It for sure worked. Our fire never goes out, and there is hardly any need to chop firewood. :)

It was the perfect place to hang our stockings, and even though it was fake, it made our house feel more like Christmas. 

These are just a few of the Christmas things we did during December. We keep forgetting our camera everywhere we go, and nobody really wants to read a blog full of text sans pictures. 

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