Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread Architects

This past week, we became both architects and construction workers as we designed and built an amazing gingerbread house with some SIT friends. We used Fluff and frosting as our glue - and our first attempts didn't go so well... we actually had planned on making one giant house, but settled on 3 miniature houses when ours didn't turn out so nicely. 

And after a little while, we abandoned any tools that we were using, and just started smearing Fluff and frosting on with our fingers instead. 

In the end, our houses were beautiful though. Here are a few of the creations. 
Catherine, Krysta and Nicole showing off their beauties. 

Our masterpiece after we finished. We had a chocolate chip roof on one house, a graham cracker shingled roof on another, and reeces pieces roof on the last one. Beautiful footpaths and decorative foliage in front of the homes. Basically it was amazing. We never knew we were so talented at making houses!

Here's the whole gang with our completed houses

Even though our houses were great - we didn't win the competition we had going with our friends. Nicole and her campsite won - although I'm pretty sure she bribed the judges. :)

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