Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

Both Caitlin and I love December. We love holiday music and Christmas festivities, and everything else that comes with December (except the cold - we're not fans of freezing).

This year will be our first Christmas married, and our first Christmas on the east coast. So we decided we should make a countdown of fun Christmas things to do for the month of December. It's already the 3rd and I've missed some days, but I'm hoping that I'll be diligent and blog about the majority of our fun activities.

Here is the list:
  1. Visit Rockefeller Center
  2. Watch the LDS Christmas broadcast
  3. Watch Rudolph on TV
  4. Make Christmas ornaments
  5. Build a fireplace
  6. Wrap and mail family Christmas presents
  7. Start the Forgotten Carols
  8. Mail out our Christmas cards
  9. Read Christmas stories by our fireplace
  10. Make snowflakes and decorate with them
  11. Make gingerbread houses
  12. Get Christmas coloring books and color
  13. Go to Yankee Candle
  14. Make wreaths
  15. Make Christmas goodies and deliver them
  16. Drive and see lights (Bright Nights at Forest Park)
  17. Watch the Grinch on TV
  18. Go caroling
  19. Eat a red and green dinner
  20. Make Jib Jab e-cards
  21. Go to the Winter Solstice celebration
  22. Go to Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  23. Watch the Nativity
  24. Watch Home Alone on TV
  25. Read the Christmas story in Luke 2

Day Number 1

We knew we were going to NYC on December first, so we decided that going to see the tree in Rockefeller Center would be the best way to start off our 25 days of Christmas. It was a madhouse trying to see the tree - but it was worth it. It was so big and there were so many lights! We loved it. Actually, we didn't love everything about the tree. We had a really rude guy standing next to us as we tried to admire the beautiful ambiance. It's crazy how rude some people can be. But just to prove that we weren't rude people, we helped a man carry his stroller up some stairs so he wouldn't have to move against the crowd to find the ramp. I'm sure that karma will kick in sometime soon. 
Here we are at the tree.

Now the rest of this post is not about our 25 days - just the remainder of things we did in New York. 
We got pizza of course.
And we went to see the temple at night.
And we enjoyed some of our favorite things in Central Park, like the ice skating rink and street performers

Many of the other parts of the city were covered in decorations as well. We aren't very good at aiming the camera, but if you look behind us you can see a pile of red Christmas balls in the middle of a fountain. Very festive. Almost as festive as our winter hats that we made sure to wear in the chilly New York air. 

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