Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playing on the Playa

This year for Thanksgiving we went to San Diego. Having in-laws live in San Diego is one of the perks to marrying Caitlin (among many others). We enjoyed an entire week basking in the beautiful sun, yet only went to the beach twice. 

The first day was kind of cold. Well, it wasn't really cold, but the wind made it chilly. We eventually got off the beach and played in the park next to the sand in our sweatshirts. 

We are getting really good at jumping!

Here are Caitlin's mom, sisters, and brother.

I really wanted to take a nap on the beach, but Elaine didn't feel the same. She came and started piling sand on my legs, then decided to climb on top of me. I would have gotten grumpy, but she's so cute that I couldn't be mad. :)

A few days later we went to the beach with Andrea, one of Caitlin's YW leaders from back in the day. We went to a cool eatery that had a balcony overlooking the beach and ate lunch. Then we walked along the beach and enjoyed soaking up the sun for a few minutes. 

Now we're back in Massachusetts, and it's 34 degrees. Makes my heart pine for some San Diego beaches.

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  1. Love it! The irony of this is that I have been back in SD for a month and a half, and I still have yet to go to the beach. Devin may be more of a San Diegan than I am. Haha!