Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mormon Helping Hands

Yesterday we had an amazing opportunity to go to Connecticut and help clean up after Hurricane Sandy. It was quite the experience. We met up with the Mormon Helping Hands and about 300 other volunteers. Many had worked the previous weekend as well. 

We went down to Milford, Connecticut and worked right on the shoreline. I can't believe how hard this small community was hit by the hurricane. There were several places we saw that only had stilts, or foundations where houses used to be. We helped scrub basements, clear out insulation and other debris, move furniture, shovel/rake mountains of sand, and crawl around in dirty crawl spaces under houses. It was quite the day of dirtyness.

Mormon Helping Hands provided lunch for us and we sat along a fence with a handful of missionaries. Then FEMA came around and started videotaping us eating. I'm wondering what that video will be used for. If we find out, we'll be sure and post it on here. 

Behind Caitlin there used to be three houses. Now there is just a bunch of debris. The ocean was beautiful and I can see why someone would want to live right there, but it is so tragic what happened to their homes. 

After a long days work we were exhausted, but we felt so good. It is amazing how great service feels. The last house we were in we got so dirty pulling out wet insulation out of a MUDDY basement, but afterward we spoke with the owner and she was telling us how she and her sons can't even stay in the house because there is no electricity, water, or heat. She was so grateful we were able to help so that they can move more quickly into their home. Two of the three houses around hers were demolished. She said that on the bright side, she now had oceanfront property. What a positive attitude. 
We love giving service, and are so grateful for the opportunity the church provides for us, because we doubt we would've tried to organize something like that on our own. Our prayers and thoughts go continually to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. 


  1. What a neat experience to be able to help!

  2. Helping Hands!!! I'm so glad you were able to go help out with the effort! When the Nashville flood happened about 2 years ago the Mormon Helping Hands volunteers did a lot of good. Thanks for working where God needs you!

  3. What a neat experience! Caitlin told me about this so I had to read about it. You two are great!