Friday, November 2, 2012

From Sea to Shining Sea

Caitlin and I set the goal to visit all 50 states separately before we were married. We are now working on that goal, and we are actually getting pretty close. Here's how our maps are looking:
Caitlin has visited 25 states. She is only really missing the north and the south. We'll for sure hit up a few more states while we are out east - hopefully making it all the way down to Florida.

I've been to 36 states (only 14 left!), but really not a whole lot in the south. Alaska is going to be tricky as well. Maybe when we're old we'll have to take an Alaskan cruise. :)

If anyone has the same life goal, we encourage you to come out to New England while we're here. We're becoming quite good at giving tours. And you can cross off 5 or 6 states in a weekend. 

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