Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Prep

We are getting excited for Christmas! Right after we got home from Thanksgiving, we started to set the mood for the "most wonderful time of the year." We even started buying Christmas gifts on Black Friday - so we have a few tucked away under our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We don't have a lot of decorations up yet though, but there will be more to come as we have time. In the meantime, we've hung our stockings and trimmed the tree! :)

Caitlin, with the help of her grandma, made our stockings. We found similar ones at Kringle Candle, but they were $45 each. I'm so lucky to have such a talented wife - can you believe that she can sew!? That's a skill I've never even attempted. 

And of course, we had to take a picture in our Christmas corner. We are loving having everything up - and we light up the tree almost every night. 

Speaking of tree - here is the beauty! I absolutely love it. It's small, and fake, but it's our first one and it's perfect. Hopefully you all are putting up your Christmas junk and listening to holiday music. We are becoming so festive up here, the only thing that would add to the Christmas feeling would be snow! But we're not wishing that upon anyone. :)

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  1. what a tree! love it. and those truly are beautiful socks. still missing you guys!