Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What It's Like to Marry Your Best Friend

I have known Lacy Gonzalez (Duncan) ever since I was in middle school. During our years in high school we became inseparable. We literally spent every single day together. We took every class our first term of college together, we worked together, and she even lived at my dads house for a while. We were like brother and sister. I really could not have imagined a life where I didn't spend every single day with her. 

But then we started to grow up. I went on my mission, and Lacy was still back in Oregon. Luckily something great happened to Lacy. She found her soulmate. It is strange how things work out. The same week I left on my mission Lacy went on her first date with Jay. For two years they dated and I had no idea who he was and I doubted that he could take my place. But when I got home I realized that he was so much better for her than I was. And I was happy to lose my best friend to him. She had found happiness in him, and I was so blessed to watch them get married in June of this year. 

But just as Lacy found someone who is perfect for her, I found someone who is more than perfect for me. Caitlin exemplifies everything I wish I could be. She is the most caring and loving individual I have ever met. Who else would move across the country to a small town in Vermont just so I could pursue an education? That may seem crazy to some people, but I see it as the true love that she emulates on a daily basis, and I'm lucky enough to be a recipient of that.

When we got married I could not stop smiling. I knew that I had found my best friend. Someone who I could spend eternity with. And the best part about it was that she liked me too!

Now I get to spend every day enjoying my life with my best friend and equal. She keeps me grounded and pushes me towards my goals. She really makes me better in every aspect. 

I am so grateful to have married my best friend. And I'm so grateful that my other best friend was able to find her perfect match too. It's crazy how everything works out and how you can never predict what will happen. But I can't imagine where I would be without these two women in my life. And more so than anything, I am grateful for Caitlin for all that she is and all that she allows me to be.


  1. I was smiling the whole time while reading this blog. :) You two are so great!