Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Salem Witch Trials

Carley and Mike came to visit this week, so we decided to show them a lot of New England. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and New York. They flew into Boston and spent a day exploring the city, then took a ferry over to Salem where we met up with them to explore that "spooky" town. We were a little disappointed with how unspooky it really was. But it did get us more in the Halloween spirit. 

We started off exploring the old harbor village in Boston. There are a lot of historic sights to see, but mainly just ships and houses. There wasn't much open so we just walked through some shops and enjoyed the chilly weather. 

Then we went over to the end of the city where they have all the witch trial stuff. This was definitely a Halloween destination. We got to see cemeteries  witch trial memorials, and learn about how the witches were killed (we thought fire, but they were actually hung, with the exception of one man who was pressed to death).

Since we went in October, there were Halloween things everywhere. We had fun posing with all the touristy things throughout the town. Pardon the extreme amount of pictures. I figured I would include them all on here since that is easier than trying to describe everything that we did. :)


This was one of my favorite things (and one of Caitlin's least favorite). It was an alley decorated with amazing Halloween decor. Blood, vomit, skeletons, bugs, and pumpkins. So great! I absolutely love Halloween!


Then we found this great door on our way back to the car. We think it was actually the door into a house, but we're not really sure. I just really liked the color. :)

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