Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Exploring Northern Vermont

We have loved exploring New England in the fall. It is so beautiful, and the cool, crisp weather has allowed us to pull out our winter coats prematurely. On Saturday we went up to Sharon, Vermont with Cariel. The birth place of Joseph Smith. It was quite a drive up there, but we were happy to see the monument. 

There wasn't a whole lot there. Just a visitors center, the monument, and the original foundation of the cabin where he was born. It was only like 20X23 feet or something ridiculous like that. They created a stone pathway through the foundation, and it was only like 10 steps. So crazy!

The fall colors weren't too spectacular in the north, but the driveway to the monument was stunning, so we snapped a picture.

We also visited the Ben & Jerry's factory about an hour north of Sharon. It was WAY out in the sticks - and we knew we would never justify a trip up there unless we were already halfway there, so we took the opportunity.

We were able to go on a tour (although they don't make ice cream on Saturday) and we got free samples at the end. Milk & Cookies was our flavor. It was good, although it left me wishing we could've chosen a different flavor instead. Maybe some Half Baked or some New York Super Fudge Chunk. But alas, we were too full from the sample to purchase any more. 

We did love the signs though. Very Vermont-y. :)

We ended the night exploring Brattleboro, and we walked across the bridge into New Hampshire so Cariel could say she has been in New Hampshire. 

Then we met up with Tim (who had to speak at a conference) and said goodbye to our Provo family. It was so much fun having them here for the weekend - and it gave us the perfect excuse to explore and see more of the great state of Vermont.

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