Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apple Picking

When we found out we were moving to New England, we advertised to everyone that they should come and visit us. We really didn't think anyone would actually come out this far. We aren't really very popular. BUT... after 2 months here we are starting to get visitors! This Saturday Caitlin's uncle Tim and cousin Cariel came to New England for Tim to present at a conference in Worcester, so they came to spend Saturday with us! So to show them a real Vermont Saturday so we went apple picking in an orchard nearby.

We had never been real apple picking before. Caitlin went at the BYU-Idaho orchards, but this was a truly unique experience. We got big sticks with baskets on the end of them so we could pluck apples from the very tops of the trees. Or sometimes I just boosted Caitlin up so she could get a particularly delicious looking apple.

It was freezing cold that morning - literally. It had dropped down in the twenties the night before, so all the apples were half off. Which was great because we just wanted to experiment with baking and drying the apples, so it didn't matter if they weren't perfect textures. Yay for cheap apples! :)

We found these large apple crates and had to squeeze ourselves into them. 

Cariel and Caitlin look so cute inside their crate.

Along the path we stumbled upon a tractor, and since Caitlin has an affinity for tractors, she immediately began to climb up for a picture. :) I've never understood her fascination with tractors, but I don't mind humoring that with a few pictures.

We picked 4 different varieties of apples and ended up with a peck of apples... I think. I don't really know how apple measurements work.

And at the end, we finished off with some delicious apple cider donuts. So delicious. These are famous throughout New England, but we hadn't really had good ones yet. These ones lived up to the fame. Green Apple Orchards in Putney, Vermont. If you ever come in the fall - go grab a donut. They're worth the trip.

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