Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Has Been...

September has been extremely busy with school starting, Caitlin starting a new job, and getting to know a new part of the United States. Here are a few other things that September has been:

It has been a time to eat Ben & Jerry's in Vermont (where it is actually made).

It has been a time for a new house. We found a great duplex to live in while in New England that is fully furnished. Although it isn't decorated how we would've done it, we are appreciative of the furnishings.

If you come and visit this will be your room. 

It has been a time for bike rides down old country roads. We don't know what happened to the picture, but we had to post our only bike riding picture.

It has been a time of enjoying the outdoors and playing in trees.

It has been a time of exploring downtown Brattleboro, Vermont. Seriously the town is so similar to Portland, Asheville, Austin, and Seattle. We're a little out of our element, but we're loving it.

It has been a time for sitting on graffiti.

It has been a time for exploring Kringle Candle, one of the largest candle factories in Wester Massachusetts, and Bernardston's claim to fame.

It's been a time for exploring Boston.

It has been a time of pirate tour guides.

It's been a time of catching up with some great BYU-Idaho friends and eating cannolis. 

It has been a time for admiring the Boston temple.

It has been a time for soaking up the sun at Walden Pond.

It has been a time for creepy fog during the early hours.

It has been a time for apple orchards and fall festivals. 

It has been a time of huge, creepy spiders in the sink.

And it has been a time to take picture in the fall foliage after church.

September has treated us well. School has been insane with reading and other work. Caitlin got a job at the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. I got a job on campus working in the Experiment in International Living office (basically a really cool study abroad type office). We have been working with the missionaries, which we NEVER got to do in Idaho or Utah. And we're finally starting to feel like this is home. It may take a little while longer before we realize that we live in New England, but with autumn festivities starting, and the holidays right around the corner, we feel like we are accepting this as home.

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