Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 8: Niagara Falls, Hurricane Winds, & Seagulls

In old movies people always talk about getting married at Niagara Falls, and even on the Office, Pam and Jim get married there. It doesn't really seem like the most romantic spot to get married, but I've never been a good romancer. Heck - it took me 3 years to romance Caitlin into marrying me, I'm pretty much an amateur at these things. 
We loved going to Niagara Falls (actually, what part of this road trip haven't we enjoyed?). Since both of us had been to Niagara Falls before, we decided we didn't need to do all of the touristy things, just a few of them. We opted for Cave of the Winds which is basically an elevator ride to the base of the falls where you can get blasted with hurricane force winds and water. Caitlin didn't really know what to expect so I told her that you hardly get wet. :) She didn't believe me because as we were going down there were people wringing out their soaking wet clothes. Oh well, that was my attempt at romance for the day!

Once we got down to the base we spent a bit of time admiring the roaring water and feeling the slight mist from afar. It was a beautiful day and just the perfect temperature to get wet.

It is amazing how the platforms are built right at the base of the waterfall and they are still ultra stable. We spent a lot of time right in the water. I think for Caitlin this was finally her time on the trip to get wet. We hadn't gone swimming or anything for the entire trip! 

After the Cave of the Winds we ditched our ponchos and went to see the other views of the falls. There was a little bit of live music that we enjoyed and then we had a picnic in the park at the falls. While we were eating our lunch, Caitlin decided to throw a chip to a nearby seagull. That was a big mistake. They have some sort of radar for when one of them is being fed and suddenly we were surrounded by birds. Since Caitlin brought the problem to us, she decided she should also fix the problem, so she began chasing the seagulls. Nothing is better than watching the love of your life run around chasing birds, flapping her arms, and making crazy noises at them. She truly is one of a kind - and I love her for it.
After our encounter with the seagulls we went to a few gift shops and then retired to our hotel early. It was the first day of our trip where we didn't have a million things planned. It was actually quite nice to be able to relax. But we were getting close to Vermont so we knew that we needed to enjoy our vacation while it lasted.

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  1. Beautiful pics you both looking good together, your blog reminds me my last year Niagara Falls trip. Its really one of my best tourist destination, the falling views on horseshoe fall from Table Rock is really most memorizing moments for anybody.