Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 7: Kirtland, Red Robin, & Community of Christ

One week into our road trip, we stopped by Kirtland, Ohio, another LDS church history site. We literally did the LDS pioneer trek backward. It was a great way to learn the history of the church and see the sights where significant church experiences happened.

We went to the Kirtland, Temple which is currently owned by the Community of Christ church. So one of their tour guides took us through the temple and explained to us all the architecture and amazing things that took place in this sacred edifice. This is where the restoration of the gospel was completed. 

Here I am standing in front of the big green doors in front of the temple. The doors were massive!

The temple has three stories in it. Two VERY large meeting rooms and the top floor has several different rooms, one of which was the prophets office. 

After going to the temple, we went to Historic Kirtland, which like Nauvoo, is a replica of Kirtland when the Latter-day Saints first settled in the town. There was a lot of history in this town. I found it most interesting to learn about Newel K. Whitney. At BYU-Idaho the business department tried to brand itself as the Newel K. Whitney school (or something of the sort) and they even had a business summit named after him and an award.  So I really liked learning about his business practices and his faith in the restored gospel. He played an integral role in helping Joseph Smith restore the church.

Newel K. Whitney was also an entrepreneur. We visited a few other shops that he helped build/fund including the ashery and sawmill. We could not wrap our minds around how ingenious/industrial the early saints were. We could never imagine coming up with the things they did. 

We loved the way the ashery looked, so we took pictures in it's cool windows. 

Inside the sawmill they had replicas of the podiums found in the temple. This would've been where Brigham Young and other wood workers would've constructed the podiums. The sawmill isn't the original, but the one in Historic Kirtland was recreated using period tools. Nothing electric. Some very dedicated craftsmen spent many hours reconstructing this building. We were so glad they had because we loved seeing it made not just in the original dimensions, but the original way.

After going to Historic Nauvoo, we went to Red Robin and had a lesson on Midwest slang. People in Ohio were great and we loved being there. We camped that night and even the campground lady was super friendly. Ohio was a beautiful place. If there had been more going on we may have wanted to stay for a few more days. But the trip must go on!

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