Monday, September 10, 2012

A Week in Vermont!

After 10 days on the road we finally made it to Vermont. Now if you read the title of this blog it says, a week in Vermont. Most of you, if you have been reading this blog, know that we just moved to Vermont so why only a week? Well that is really quite simply answered: we didn't actually move to Vermont. That was just a fallacy. We moved to New England. :) 

I am attending grad school in Vermont, but the house that we found is actually just across the border (like three houses away) in Massachusetts. So when we got to Vermont, we actually only lived there for a week until our actual house was ready for us to move into. 

We stayed in the Newfane House, a BEAUTIFUL vacation rental in Newfane, Vermont. It is about 30 minutes north of Brattleboro where my school is, and we loved being able to stay in such a beautiful home for our first week in New England. It was like a second honeymoon really. We were completely secluded from everyone, had no cell phone reception, and could spend tons of time with each other (with the exception of school). 

We stayed on the third level of the house which has two bedrooms and a great deck with patio furniture and a grill. We loved that!

The little town of Newfane doesn't have much to offer (besides solitude) but we did find this park bench made of stone that was dedicated to the man who founded the town while we were out on our Sunday walk.

Caitlin made use of nearly every surface in the house by taking naps in the most irregular positions. I don't know how she gets comfortable while all balled up like a cat, but she makes it work. 
We really loved staying at the Newfane House for a week, it was really a blessing for us and a great way to get acclimated to the New England lifestyle. Now we are having a plethora of adventures in Bernardston (pronounced Burn-ud-ston), Massachusetts and exploring everything New England has to offer. We'll talk more about our adventures real soon, I'm sure.

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