Monday, August 27, 2012

We Have Arrived!

We have finally arrived in Vermont and we could not be more out of our element. We are in the COUNTRY. New England is full of old houses, barns, trees, one-lane bridges, and space. Oh there is so much space! 

It is really quite different than Provo, and we are still trying to adjust. It really just feels like we are on vacation in the woods. We are staying in a 3rd floor apartment for the first week we are here. Our place isn't available until September 1st so our landlady helped us find this cute little apartment for us to stay in. It is the perfect place for us to live right now. We only wish we had visitors since there are two bedrooms and three beds and a futon! 

The town we are staying in is called Newfane, and it literally has nothing in it. We are in the CENTER of town - and there is only half a mile of sidewalk in the entire town. We know because we took a stroll on Sunday to explore our surroundings. The only other option was to go into the woods, but Caitlin isn't country-fied enough for that yet.

On our stroll we found this little plaque (with attached slabs for benches) that is in memory of the man who founded the town. He donated all the land that hosts the town buildings, such as the police station and city hall (which looks like an old church). Everything here actually looks old and repurposed. All the dental offices and art galleries (we've seen a lot of those) are in the first floor of the owners home. It is so weird to see a New England style house hosting a dental office. 

Our house has a cute little balcony on it as well. We haven't eaten anything out there since it's been so hot here, but we are loving the fact that we have one. We stroll out there at night once it's cooled off a little. :)

It also has some of the most comfortable furniture we've ever enjoyed. Caitlin took a two hour sunday nap and then found this comfortable chair that would keep her warm after I opened all the windows at night.

We are really actually enjoying it quite a bit. It's really different, and really far away from civilization, but it will become home soon enough. I'll blog more about our trip and our adventures in New England, but now I need to get ready to go to orientation for my new school! Seems like a dream that I'm starting school today - hopefully everything goes well!

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