Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cooking like Campers

So before Caitlin and I moved out of our apartment (officially) we put all of our things in storage. It was about a week and a half before we actually moved out, but it was the most convenient time for us to make the trip to Burley to store our stuff. But since we put all of our things in storage, we didn't have anything to cook with. Actually, that is a lie, we had our crock pot which helped us with every dinner we cooked for that week and a half. But on the weekend after we moved our stuff out - we realized that we needed a way to cook other types of foods. We didn't do any grocery shopping, so we were out of a lot of key ingredients for foods, but when you are hungry you become extremely resourceful.

We decided one morning that we needed to eat our eggs - which gave us the idea to make German pancakes. Since we had no pan to cook them in, we lined a small box with aluminum foil and baked our pancakes that way. 

They actually turned out really nicely. A lot of the pancakes were stuck on the bottom, and since we had no measuring cups the flavor wasn't the same as it usually is - but for not really having anything, we thought they were great!

Luckily we had paper plates and plastic utensils that we could eat off of. Every day when we cooked, we felt like we were camping. When else do you use foil to line your pans and eat off of paper plates? We're lucky now to be staying with the Smith family until we leave - but I doubt we will ever forget the adventure we had while we cooked like we were camping.

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