Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vocal Few Concert Tour


Last night Caitlin and I went to the Vocal Few living room tour. If you haven't heard about Vocal Few yet, do me a favor and buy their EP on Itunes. It will be the best $4.00 that you'll ever spend on Itunes. For real. I'll just wait here while you jet over to Itunes and make your purchase. 

Ok - now that you have their EP and are probably listening to it as you read, I'll continue with our news about the concert. 
We loved the show sooo much! Matt and Kristie MacDonald are the artists and they are extremely talented. You can read their bio here. All of their songs have great lyrics, harmonies, and vocals. I love them because their songs are all duets and they always talk about meaningful things - but not in a weird way, but in a way that you would like to make a cool design with their words on them. Caitlin loves them because they're good musicians and because they give her the desire to practice the guitar/piano so that we can play music together. 

Anyway... the living room tour was exactly how it sounds. We went to someone's home with around 50 other people and watched them perform an hour long set of their songs (and a few covers). They sound amazing live (which you can see in the short video clip I posted above) and were super friendly. 

Here is a family picture of them in Salt Lake (stolen from their Facebook page).
We didn't stay long after the show, even though it would've been awesome to meet them, we didn't feel like waiting in line with 50 other people to get 5 minutes with the band. Maybe next year they'll do a tour to the east coast and we can see them again. 

Really, this is one of the best times we've had since being in Utah. I would highly recommend going to their tour. If you live in Arizona, California, Oregon, or Washington - make sure you don't miss their tour. They'll be there later this month! Seriously, our new favorite band.

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