Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Restaurant Hopping

Have you ever been restaurant hopping? The concept is simple. You go to one restaurant for drinks/appetizer, a second for the main course, and a third for dessert. When our chain suggested we do this we were super excited. We went straight from work to Outback to try the Bloomin' Onion. Caitlin had never tried one and I hadn't had one since high school so we thought it would be a good choice. 
We also got flavored lemonades. Mine was pomegranate and Caitlin had strawberry. The drinks were better than the onion (although it was tasty as well). But we forgot about the delicious bread they give you - so we had two loaves (they're tiny) of that as well. After eating the majority of a bloomin' onion and the bread we were stuffed. We felt sick thinking about having a main course so we decided to go get dessert instead. 

We went to this cute little dessert shop in Orem. It is a house turned restaurant. I got a triple berry pie (Caitlin doesn't like cooked fruit so I try to eat it whenever I get the chance) and Caitlin got a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. The dessert was AMAZING! We would for sure recommend this place to anyone who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

And it has a super cool ambiance. Check out the sweet mirrors on the wall! And the cool leopard print chair and sweet window! Yeah, we really liked that place. 

The next day we used my birthday coupon at Red Robin and decided to count that as our main course and cross this chain off the list. 


  1. From the looks of your photos, it seem like you were satisfied with what that you ate. :) The ambiance of a restaurant matters a lot. It is part of how a customer would be able to appreciate what he/she is eating. It consists of a good customer service, sanitation, lighting, and the way it (the establishment) smells.

    Danny Riddell

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  3. Based on your descriptions, I better save up so I can try that sweet dessert. It’s timely that I stumbled upon your blog ‘cause we’re planning a vacation and we still don’t have a place to go to. Since my husband and I love sweets, I think that place is right for us. Can you still suggest some restaurants that can satisfy our sweet cravings? I hope you’ll respond. Thanks.

    -- Daphne Michaels