Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

Have you ever seen rainbow cakes? Well thanks to Pinterest, Caitlin and I learned all about these bad boys and decided we should try making them. They are actually really easy to make. You add 12 ounces of Sprite to a box of vanilla cake mix and separate it evenly into 6 bowls. 
You then dye each bowl of cake batter a different color. We used gel coloring since we wanted really vibrant colors. 

Then you scoop it a spoonful at a time into your cupcake tins. You put the colors right on top of one another. The upper left hand corner was what they all looked like when we finished scooping the batter. Then you bake them and they look like this: 

Of course I stole this picture from Ourbestbites.com. We didn't use their recipe, but we forgot to take pictures of them after we finished baking them. They were so good that we had to devour them right away! They are really sticky cupcakes when you just use the Sprite, but we think they will be perfect to make with our primary class the next time we have a party.


  1. What is the sprite for

    1. You use the sprite instead of eggs or oil. Just mix the 12 oz of sprite with the cake mix and bake it. Really simple.