Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We've been packing quite a bit lately, and last night Caitlin was having a good time reminiscing about her childhood when her and Lindsey would put plastic hangers on their heads and pretend they worked in a veterinary office. The hanger was their headset and they would play with their stuffed animals. The headset would "beep", Caitlin would answer, and talk to a concerned pet owner about the state of their creature. She was always empathetic and made sure that the animals were well taken care of.

Since she couldn't play veterinary office alone, I played along. Although I don't have any experience answering a plastic hanger headset, Caitlin was sure to put me on hold whenever she felt necessary. It was a little ridiculous, but helped us break up the dauntless task of packing and moving everything out of our apartment.  

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  1. You are nerds.
    It's great.
    I'm SO EXCITED that we'll have Hermana Hendrickson! Except...I got home the transfer before she'll get here. LAME! But I'll do my best to send her a letter in the MTC to get her excited!
    She's coming to a pretty amazing mission.