Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Section of the Library

Every good countdown also includes a good book, so Caitlin and I went to check out the children's section of the Provo City Library this past week. We picked four books: Harold and the Purple Crayon; I Have to Go!; For You Are a Kenyan Child;  and The Cow that was the Best Moo-ther. 

As you can tell, we really enjoyed reading to one another. Caitlin had never read Harold and the Purple Crayon, which is one of my favorite children's books so that one went first, followed by I Have to Go! Which is basically a book about peeing/holding it when you're in the car. 

Caitlin got really animated as she read about Kenya. She had a difficult time pronouncing all the Swahili words, and we wondered how any American children would be able to read a book with such a complex set of words. But we really liked it and will keep Kenya on our bucket list of countries to visit.

The Cow book was about a beautiful baby contest, only the cow that was in the book only had a baby chicken to enter into the contest with all the other cows. She didn't win (her chick was not a beautiful cow) but she did win the award for the best Moo-ther. Such a tender story.

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  1. Love the children's section of the Provo library! :)