Monday, July 2, 2012

Macey's Ice Cream Cones

You scream, I scream, we all scream for MACEY'S ICE CREAM!!!
Since living in Provo Devin and I had to scope out all of the ice cream places around town and find a favorite one (since that is our favorite dessert of course), and we most definitley did find a cheap and very delicious place to go! 

Shockingly it is actually just the ice cream cones sold at our local grocery store, Macey's, just in their food court. It's a great deal for us because we can get 2 smalls for exactly $1. So we crave this ice cream quite a bit so I decided that I would make it one of the things on our count down...why not force us to go get an ice cream cone, because we have to do everything our countdown chain tells us :)

Well, we finally got to that part of our chain and we were able to enjoy this delicious ice cream cone before we went to watch the Hunger Games in the cheap theater! What a great way to start a fun evening!


  1. ummm... I worked at Macey's all through highschool, and weekends during college. I'm a Macey's ice cream addict. Seriously it's the best! So glad you have found this happiness as well.

    1. We are absolutely addicted. It is so great having cheap/good ice cream! :)