Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What do I love about Sweden? IKEA! 
Actually, I don't know a lot about Sweden. We have Swedish Fish, Swedish massages, and Abba - but other than that, IKEA is what I associate with Sweden. Caitlin and I love going to IKEA and shopping. Unfortunately, the last time we went (part of our chain) we didn't buy anything. Since we are moving in a month, we don't really need any furniture or decorations. But we did have a fun time looking around and dreaming of the day when we can buy anything we want to decorate a home.

I don't really know what this tunnel could be used for in our home - maybe a doorway between our kids room. Wouldn't that be so much fun?

We found a lot of cool artwork that would look good in a large home (including the bridge in the background of this picture) and we really want to include maps in our decorating. IKEA has a huge world map that we would really love to hang up - but at $149 it just wasn't very practical. But maybe one day we'll have enough money (and space) to hang a VERY large map in our home.

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