Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Breaking In & Washing the Car

This past weekend Caitlin and I accidentally locked ourselves out of our apartment. Good thing we were extremely resourceful and daring cause we had to break into a second story window! 

It would've been really easy to just call our landlord and get a key, but it was 7:00 on a Saturday morning and we had no way to get to our landlords house so they would've had to bring the key to us. It was much more simple to break in the window. 
It was a little terrifying to jump from the balcony headfirst into the window, but Caitlin really enjoyed watching from below and snapping pictures. 

After we finally got our keys out of the apartment we went to the gym and then washed our car. It was much needed and was one of our chain link tasks. 

Notice how we now have Utah license plates on our car. :( It's weird that everyone in Vermont will think we're from Utah - but maybe that'll give us some missionary opportunities. 

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