Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We'll Make It Someday

Starting out our 69 day countdown was a Tuesday filled with making music. Caitlin and I had to learn a song on the guitar/piano and sing it together. We thought this would go well since we're exceptional musicians (note the sarcasm) and we chose one of our favorite songs (which you can listen to below). 

We found guitar tabs and Caitlin went to work strumming her heart out. 

The piano was a bit more difficult. I could not find sheet music anywhere for this song so I was playing by ear. I got a few measures of the song - but it's really hard to pick out all the chords by ear, especially when you don't have an actual piano. Keyboards don't sound quite the same. 

So after a while of practicing we did not have a finished product, but our goal is to have it all put together by July 4th. Hopefully while we're working on it I'll get to a piano so I can really knock out the piano parts, and maybe if we get good enough at it we'll perform it in front of people someday. Maybe. :)

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