Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Volunteering at the MTC

Lately I have been volunteering in the MTC in what is called the TRC or Teaching Resource Center. It has been so much fun hearing the missionaries teach (or attempt to teach) in Spanish and being able to feel of their spirit. And surprisingly, the MTC hasn't changed a whole lot since I was there nearly 6 years ago.
(Here is my volunteer sticker)

I spoke with Andre, my cousin Michelle's husband (he's a teacher at the MTC) about the new curriculum and how much the structure of the MTC has changed, and it seems as though it is completely different than when I was there - yet every time I walk through the front gates it seems as if nothing has changed. 

It still smells the same (I'm thinking the smell is mainly laundry detergent - but there are some other smells I can't quite pinpoint), the missionary look is the same, the horrid Spanish vocabulary and grammar hasn't improved. It is really like traveling back in time. It is a great reminder of the amazing two months I spent in the MTC with this group of guys/gals.

I loved the MTC and everything I was able to experience while I was there. And there could not have been a better group of young people to help me progress as a missionary. While at the MTC we had a crash course in Spanish, studied as much of the gospel as we could, learned to teach, and had a plethora of spiritual experiences.

I remember being in the MTC and thinking that I would never be able to learn Spanish or teach the gospel effectively, and many of the missionaries that teach me on Friday's look as though they have the same thoughts running through their minds. But it's crazy how the Lord can take a group of young men and women and turn them into powerful tools that He can use to further his work.

I love volunteering at the MTC and having the opportunity to reminisce about my experiences as a missionary. What an amazing opportunity it is to serve the Lord for 2 years. It is definitely something that has changed my life for the better. 

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  1. Here I am creeping at your blog... I just had to comment on this post! I loved remembering the good times! It was awesome being in the MTC with all of you! I am glad you are happy and doing well.