Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Strawberry Days

On Saturday Caitlin and I went to Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We weren't sure exactly what Strawberry Days would consist of, but we knew we would have fun being outside and enjoying the sunshine. 

We made it in time to see the (never ending) parade full of locals that we didn't know. Marching bands, cheerleaders, kids doing karate, and a lot of campaigners (voting started Tuesday) threw candy and wowed the crowd. We actually really like parades, but this one was a little too long for me - especially since it was so hot outside and we had zero shade where we were. Eventually we left and browsed through the boutique of hand made goods and fun crafts. 

Several of our coworkers recommended that we try the strawberries and cream. This was DELICIOUS. We were so happy to have tried it. It was so simple too - just cream poured over top of strawberries. Who would've guessed that the name described exactly what it consisted of? 

We also went on a few rides while we were there. Caitlin and I went on this one together, but since we were the only two on the rides we got our own cars. 

Caitlin went on this bad boy alone. The guy at our first ride only took half the tickets that he was supposed to, so we had a few extra. Caitlin wanted to try this one out so I cheered her on from the ground. 

Our last ride was the zipper one. Caitlin had never been on one and it is one of my favorite rides so we for sure had to experience it. 

Once we got inside, Caitlin started getting a little scared. You have no seatbelt, just a lap bar and your cage moves around out of your control. It is so great. 

The look of terror in Caitlin's eyes is real. :)

We both screamed so much and made funny noises. If anyone were listening to us I'm sure they would've busted up laughing. We sounded ridiculous. But once we were safe on the ground again we felt pretty good about life. 

After our adventures on the ride we got some carnival food. Hand dipped corndogs and fresh squeezed lemonade. It was exactly what we needed after a day at the carnival/Strawberry Days. 

I don't know if Strawberry Days is how Utah does fairs, but it was very similar. They even had a rodeo and carnival games. It was a bit smaller than a fair - but I haven't heard of many fairs going on in Utah this summer. In July there are a few other "days" that we want to explore - I'll be sure and post those in the blog if we do. 

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