Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stewart Falls

We really want to become good hikers and see some cool things so Tim gave us a list of hikes in and around Provo and we tackled Stewart Falls on Memorial Day.

 It was the perfect day to hike. It was warm and there was a slight breeze. We felt so great! The waterfall was beautiful, although a bit chilly since it was in the shade and had some mist blowing off of it. So we found a sunny spot and settled down to eat our lunch.

We met a really nice couple on the way. Since the trail said it was closed we decided to follow them and see where they went - the ignored the sign and soldiered on.

Once we got to the falls they offered to take our picture and we took one for them. They were probably in their 50s and looked like they were in great shape. Hiking is clearly a lifelong hobby.

We loved all of the views along the trail. It really was super pretty. All up and down the canyon right outside of Provo has spectacular sights. 

The trail was in a bit of disrepair (maybe that is why there were closed signs) but we managed to have fun on all the obstacles we saw along the way. 

I even ventured off the path to play in the stream that ran along the trail. The water was a bit chilly, but not unbearable, especially since it was warm outside. 

So what can we learn from this trail. Easy? Check. Beautiful? Check. Worth a second trip? Definitely. Caitlin and I talked about how we want to find a bunch of cool stuff so that when we have kids we can take them there. Doesn't it always seem like your parents know the coolest places when you were a little kid? And they never needed GPS or Google to find any of them. That is our goal. We want to know where things are so we can just take our kids to cool places and let them be awestruck that we didn't need technology to find our way around. :)

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