Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Picking Wild Flowers

On Sunday our countdown told us we needed to go to a field and pick wild flowers to take home to put on our kitchen table. After driving around town for awhile there were no fields to be found but plenty of flowers that would be perfect for our bouquet. So we decided that we would go pick some flowers that technically were not in someone's yard because they were overgrown and on the city's property/sidewalk (hopefully that's legal).
 Our first stop we found some beautiful red rose looking flowers. As you can tell from the picture there is a house right behind me which is why I was kind of terrified to pick them, even though they were technically on city property but their house had a window facing the area of the flowers, but luckily there was a bush that I could hide behind as I picked away!

Our next stop was to a lonely little sunflower that was growing in the sidewalk cracks, just waiting to be picked and added to our collection.

We continued on picking all sorts of flowers, purple, white, orange ones, and even a cat tail (that was Devin's find).

The finished product looked amazing once we put all our "wild flowers" together. I tried my best at arranging them but as you can see I am no professional but we still had a good time doing it and now we are enjoying fresh wild flowers in our home (with a few bugs).

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