Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making Lists

Our Wednesday activity was to list 5 physical, spiritual, and personality traits that we love about one another. This activity was really fun and actually pretty easy to do. It maybe took a total of 15 minutes for us to write everything and share them with one another.

Even though it was simple to do, we really loved sharing these things with one another. Sometimes we don't realize the things we do that our spouse loves. I'll include our lists at the end. 

 Here is Caitlin getting ready to write. She was super excited.

 I got right to work before Caitlin could snap a picture of me. 

Here are our lime-green note cards with our 15 things on them, and here are our lists: 

Caitlin to Devin:
  • Hands
  • Smile
  • The fact that I have no bum
  • My torso (it's the part she gets to hug and it's the perfect size)
  • My ears
  • I'm missionary minded
  • I'm super knowledgeable 
  • I'm eager to learn more
  • I'm a walking example of gospel principles and doctrines
  • I have strong faith
  • She likes how I say prayers
  • I'm optimistic
  • I'm driven (goal oriented)
  • I'm adventurous
  • I'm helpful
  • I have integrity/ am loyal
Devin to Caitlin
  • She has green eyes
  • Her hips don't lie
  • She never has hairy legs
  • She has pretty hair
  • She doesn't need makeup to be beautiful (favorite is waking up next to a beautiful clean face)
  • She always wants to attend the temple
  • She wants to raise righteous children
  • She has a desire to teach the gospel to others
  • She strives to keep the sabbath day holy (holier than most people)
  • She prays while the Sacrament is being passed
  • She gets goofy when she's tired
  • She is gentle with me and with others
  • She knows how to be serious/what to take serious
  • She has an adventurous side but is always within reason (which means she keeps me grounded)
  • She thinks about the future
Well that is it. I hope you enjoyed hearing more about our countdown. Today we're making treats and delivering them to people. We'll keep you posted on how it all goes!

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