Monday, June 18, 2012

Lacy & Jay Gonzalez

This past weekend my best friend got married and I was able to go out to North Carolina to celebrate with her and her friends/family. A lot of these pictures were stolen from Blue Frame Photography who did an amazing job on the wedding photography. You'll be able to tell which ones they took in an instant.

The weekend started off with a few cancelled flights, sleeping in the airport, and arriving 9 hours later than expected. But I did make it to North Carolina and finally the party could start!

I was Lacy's "Man of Honor" rather than having a maid of honor. I had never heard of one of those before, but the wedding planner said that it's becoming quite common. Even if I wasn't the designated MoH I wouldn't have missed her wedding for anything.

We spent a good long time getting everything ready at the event center and more importantly, getting the bride beautified before her grand entrance.

 I spent a lot of time hugging and sharing tears with my second mom. 

 Here is the bridal party. Lacy has two sisters (on the right) and two step sisters (on the left).

The handsome groom and the 4 bridesmaids.

I got to walk their husky Kota down the aisle. He was the ring bearer, and like all huskies, he is a puller. I'm surprised my face looks so calm in this photo cause it was not an easy job.
Lacy's dad Bill walked her down the aisle.
Where they exchanged their vows was gorgeous. There was a huge pond/small lake thing in the background and the beautiful Appalachian mountains. I love those!

They were simply adorable the entire day. A perfect match. 
And wasn't she a beautiful bride?

At the reception we all had a good time eating great food, dancing, and I got to give a toast as the MoH. It was the most difficult thing I had to do all weekend. Jay and Lacy are such a perfect match and I couldn't imagine someone better than Jay marrying my best friend. I had no reservations when Lacy told me they were getting married. Such a perfect couple. 

They had a tower of cupcakes in all sorts of flavors instead of a cake. All the cupcakes had different designs on them. A Colts logo, the shape of Oregon and Texas, Texans logo, puzzle piece, camping tent, guitar, soccer ball, football, video game controller, and I think there were a few more. Each one represented something about the bride and groom or their relationship. 

Caitlin couldn't come with us so I had to text her a picture of the bride and groom. It didn't turn out too bad considering it was from my phone. 
 And finally here I am with the bride and groom. They were so happy to finally be married!

The weekend was super short but seeing your best friend marry her new best friend was the perfect way to spend a weekend.

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