Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giving Compliments

While attending BYU-Idaho Devin and I were required to read the 5 love languages for one of our classes, ever since then we have loved learning about the different love languages and how other people receive and give their love. One of the 5 languages is words of affirmation, which neither Devin and I are good at giving but we both like receiving it. Since that is one of my top love languages I decided to make today’s count down ring a requirement for us to give at least 5 compliments to each other throughout the day. After taking on this challenge I realized it might be harder than I thought since we would both be at work all day but I decided to start the day off by surprising Devin with a little note complimenting on his bike riding skills, I taped it to his bike so when he went to work he would see it. Ok so I know that’s kind of cheesy but at least it made him smile and isn’t that the point?

Later, in the afternoon I received a text message from Devin with a cute little compliment about how optimistic I was. This continued all day and was a little easier when we weren’t at work to be able to actually say a compliment to each other face to face. Although this was just a little thing I would have to say that it made my Monday a great one! Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this up and not just mark it off as day 63. 

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