Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Getting Ready for Bed

Tuesday night was a bit on the ridiculous side when it came to our countdown assignment (my fault). We were to help one another get ready for bed - brush teeth, wash face, etc. Have you ever brushed someone else's teeth? It's pretty tricky - but it was a hilariously good time. 

I went first and brushed Caitlin's teeth. She had the tendency to tilt her head up to try and get away from me and my crazy good brushing skills. :) She complained that I was a bit too rough on her gums - but I think I'll attribute it to the fact that she had just gotten a new toothbrush and hadn't used it yet.

I was a lot more kind for her and sat still while she brushed my teeth. I had to sit so that she could reach all of my teeth - and she did a fantastic job! All sorts of clean.

We also washed each others faces. Please, if you've never experienced this before - try it! We could not stop laughing. Having someone else splash water from the sink onto your face and try and massage the soap and clean off makeup (I've never done that one before) was quite the endeavor. It ended up being hilarious though and we were glad we could do it. 

Today we're not going to be able to complete our assignment. :( I'm actually really sad about this one. We are supposed to go and hit a tennis ball 20 times back and forth (Caitlin is still in the learning stage and hasn't quite mastered placement of the ball yet) but we are helping out a couple in our ward by babysitting for them. They wanted to attend the ward temple night so Caitlin couldn't say no when they asked for our help. I'm grateful that I've got such a service oriented wife - but I'm sad we wont be able to play tennis after work. Oh well - we'll do it tomorrow and have twice as many things to blog about. 

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