Monday, June 11, 2012

First Week Down

So we finished our first week of "Making the Days Count" and it has been amazing so far! We are having so much fun doing all the things on our chain - including our Sunday activity. We went to the Provo temple and re-read our patriarchal blessings to one another. It was such a tender Sunday activity and we continue to gain a lot of insight about one another as we read these sacred blessings. 

We also went on a walk around the temple grounds. Did you know that the Provo temple has a backside to it? We had no idea! There are actually grassy hills, benches, and beautiful flower beds all around the temple. I guess we're always too focused on getting inside rather than spending time on the peaceful grounds to notice the sidewalks winding their way to the back. That seemed to be the place to hang out as well. There were tons of people reading their scriptures, chatting on the benches, and sitting in the areas where the sun was still hitting as it slowly set behind the mountains. If we want to hang out there another time we'll have to get there extra early to guarantee a sunny spot.

Today for our countdown we have to compliment one another 5 (?) times or so. I can't remember the number, but I'm sure it will be super easy since there are so many things to compliment Caitlin on. Until next time!

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