Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 Songs Part 2

A while back I did a post about 10 songs. These 10 songs were what played on my ipod when I put it on shuffle. Well I wanted to repeat that blog post with a new set of 10 songs. It's been more than a year and a half since my last post, so here is how my song taste has changed:

The first song that came up was Nothing is Written by Mumford and Sons. I have to say that I absolutely love this band. I love their vocals, unique instruments, and what they sing about. Really - they are just amazing musicians. I found this song just a few weeks ago - although I think I may have heard it before. It is kind of slow and really simple, but I love listening to it.

The next song that shuffled along was Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5. This song is on the Hunger Games soundtrack, although not featured in the movie (actually there are no songs featured in the movie). This song is slightly haunting - especially when you think about scenes of the Hunger Games. When Caitlin and I went to see the midnight showing of the movie we listened to this soundtrack as we drove to and from the theater (and maybe the whole week before and after we saw the movie).

The next song is called Simple Song and is by the Shins. The Shins are a hit and miss band for me. They always sound good, but I'm not always needing to listen to their music. BUT with that being said, I absolutely love this song. Every time it comes on the radio or my ipod I get a little excited. I think it's because it is just a simple song that I really enjoy it. Maybe I'm just a simple person. :)

The fourth song happened to be Lindsey Stirling and her version of We Found Love. Lindsey was a violinist featured on America's Got Talent a few years ago. She remakes songs with her violin and often includes vocalists or other musicians in her mixes. This song/video take place in Kenya (I think I posted the video earlier) and I LOVE that the lyrics change halfway through the song from "we found love in a hopeless place" to "we found love in a holy place." Not only is the song amazing, but the video will give you the ganas to go to Africa asap. 

The Civil Wars made an appearance as I shuffled through my songs with Poison and Wine. I love the Civil Wars - I even drove Caitlin nuts when I went through a Civil Wars phase. All of their music is really chill and low-key, so I can understand why some people might not like them, but they are extremely talented musicians. I've actually loved them for a long time without really knowing it. When I was on my mission a member gave us a Christmas song by Joy Williams (one of the members of the Civil Wars) and I fell in love with the song and her voice. This previous year I discovered the Civil Wars Christmas EP and still had no idea who the band was. Finally one day while I was listening to Pandora one of their songs popped up. Excitedly, I found the tab that had Pandora on it and found them on Itunes. Needless to say, we've been inseparable ever since. 

The next song is the Glee version of Florence + the Machine's song Shake it Out. I love the original version of this song, and I love the Glee version. I love it when Glee can take a song and make it sound completely different than the original. Also, Naya Rivera is featured in this song and she is by far my favorite singer on Glee. I could listen to her all day long. 

Rufus Wainright jumped into my list with his beautiful rendition of Across the Universe featured on the I Am Sam soundtrack. I love this entire soundtrack, I mean, who wouldn't love a soundtrack of Beatles remakes? But Across the Universe is one of the best tracks. I found Rufus Wainright shortly after graduating from high school (8 years ago) and although I don't listen to much of his new (or old) stuff anymore, this song is always making it's way onto my ipod.

Regina Spektor and her song Don't Leave Me (No Me Quitte Pas) was a delight to hear this morning. I love her and her weird vibe/sound. I especially love how this song sounds so much like summer to me. I love blasting it while driving in the car. Her unique lyrics, vocals, and instrument use makes her a truly unique type of artist. I remember listening to her before my mission and people would always ask me who this strange girl was. Now I think her sound has become more familiar with the masses and as she continues to make music she continues to spice things up.

Every Second by Vocal Few (one of our new favorite bands) was the 9th song shuffled through. I love this song (and every Vocal Few song) because of the lyrics. They have a way of writing songs that are motivational/powerful yet they are not anthems (sorry Kelly Clarkson, no offense to your endless array of anthems). They are just a husband/wife duo that sing together and sing about life - and always in a positive way. I absolutely love their music and can't wait to see them live in July.

The last song I decided to include on here in a video. Some Nights by Fun. is a fun upbeat song - kind of matches Regina Spektor because it feels like a summer song. I like to put it on loud and attempt to hit all the extremely high notes he shouts out in the song (thank you auto tune for making those notes sound pretty). 

And that is it! Here are my 10 songs revisited. What 10 songs come up when you hit shuffle on your ipod? I would love to hear. Maybe I'll post again with Caitlin's ipod. :)

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  1. These are all so great! Thanks for sharing.