Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

As you may have already guessed based off the blog title, this entire blog will be about Las Vegas. So push play on the video and listen to a little bit of the King as we reminisce our Vegas vacation. 

So we went to Vegas for my works 35th Anniversary Celebration that was held on Friday, May 18th. So we actually had to help get ready for that, set up, blow balloons, get powerpoints ready, etc. And it was actually a lot of fun. We filled (with all the other employees there) 150 balloons with helium and decorated the venue. Here is Caitlin (our designated balloon holder) with a couple dozen of the balloons. The celebration was great and it gave me even more of a reason to miss my job once I leave. I really work with the greatest people.

So after the celebration we got to go out and enjoy some of the Vegas attractions. We didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the shows and things in Vegas, so we decided to spend the majority of our time looking at the sights, architecture, and free shows around the strip. 

Excalibur was right across the street from our hotel, as was New York, New York. We loved seeing the casinos as we walked. I was in awe at how much detail goes into every casino to make it something special. The architecture was simply amazing!

My work friend Jeni found her boyfriend at the MGM. She was so excited to be able to take a picture with him too. She lived in Vegas for a few years so she was able to take us around a little and unlike us, she wasn't confused when she walked into a new casino. We went with her (and my other work friend Erin) to preview a new TV show at the MGM where we were able to rate it based off how much we enjoyed what we saw. 

Erin and Jeni went with one of Erin's friends to dinner and Caitlin and I took a trip down to the Venitian. This is my favorite hotel on the strip. It has a canal running down the middle of it with gondola boats - just like in Venice! We also love the clouds painted on the ceiling that give you the feel that you are outside. 

We loved watching the Belaggio fountains and managed to see 3 or 4 shows while we were there. It is so entertaining watching water shoot out of a pond synchronized with music. We may be easily entertained, but this was by far one of our favorite things we were able to see this weekend.

Walking down the strip was amazing. There are so many lights and people - especially drunk people. It is always entertaining. 

Here is New York, New York again. I think this is one of my favorite hotels from the outside. Such a unique concept to make skyscrapers into one hotel.

We also went to the M&M store and bought $12 worth of M&M's. It is so cool to see the different colors that they make there, and the entire store smells like chocolate!

Caitlin made a new friend while we were there. :)

We also went to Caesars Palace (above) and the Paris hotel (below) Both were beautiful and great - but again, I still love the Venitian most. 

Also while we were in the City of Sin, we decided to make a trip out to the Las Vegas temple. It was crazy similar to the Portland temple and we were glad for the peace we were able to enjoy while in the temple walls. Erin came with us and afterward we went with her and Jeni out to dinner at a great Thai place that Jeni frequented when she lived there.

We probably enjoyed the temple the most out of everything in Vegas - especailly since things get a little crazy on the strip and the temple is a good refuge. But everything was great about the weekend. Later I'll have to blog about our time in St. George (we were only in Vegas Friday/Saturday and spent all day Sunday in St. George). So keep excited for more to come!

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  1. Woohoo I'm on your blog! I feel so special now. Vegas was such a fun trip; I'm glad that you and Caitlin could go and that we got to go to the temple together. Good times!