Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nothing to Do

We spent some time shopping this past week - but rather than buying a lot of stuff, we just played around with beautiful clothes at WalMart and the curtains in Bed Bath & Beyond. I hope that doesn't make us sound like losers. I mean - who hangs out at WalMart? Well we do. Not really - but when we do go, we decide to make it a Disneyland type experience. 

Caitlin found these beauties tucked away in the mens section. We're thinking that they would make great gifts for our closest friends. There were several varieties, and the patterns were both front and back. So lovely.

The curtains at Bed Bath & Beyond were like our best friends. I don't know what posessed us to wrap ourselves up in them, but we spent a good 5 minutes parading around the curtain section looking for the perfect wrap.

Too bad we're not in the market for curtains, otherwise we could've gotten these shiny red ones! 

Now I know what you're thinking - do these two really not have anything better to do? And the answer is... no. We can do whatever we want cause we're not students and we don't have kids. We're enjoying that while it lasts cause come August I'll be a student and in a few years I'm sure we'll have kids and I don't think BB&B looks too kindly on you using curtains as swaddling clothes for your baby. :)

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